4026/1001/032 1 1/4" Water Solenoid Valve 0.5-16bar

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Valve non-energised closed by spring power - NC. When energised,
the pressure decomposes on the secondary side of the diaphragm.
Then the pressure differential
Standard type
(Dp) lifts the diaphragm from the seat
(orifice). A pressure (Dp) is necessary for accurate operation.

Standard General Purpose Solenoid Valve For Water / Air / Oil


Valve non-energised closed by spring power - NC. 

  • type of control: pilot operated
  • construction: diaphragm design
  • connection: G1/4-G2, DIN ISO 228
  • pressure: 0,3-20 bar
  • medium: neutral, gaseous and liquid medium
  • medium temperature: -10 up to +80°C
  • ambient temperature: +35°C